Aknicare line

Aknicare line of medical devices prevents hyperkeratinization, prevents the colonization of bacteria and reduces the formation of sebum, and is intended for the treatment of mild and moderate comedonal and inflamed acne.


Aknicare Spray, 100ml

Acnicare Spray is intended to control and reduce the symptoms of mild to moderate comedonal and inflamed acne on the chest and back. Oil-free emulsion spray characterized by excellent tolerability and safety profile. Application twice a day.


Aknicare Fast cream gel, 30ml

Aknicare Fast cream gel contains honokiol and GT peptide 10 and is intended for neutralizing sebum, and preventing, controlling and relieving symptoms of mild and moderate acne and seborrheic skin. Application twice a day.


Aknicare lotion, 25ml

Aknicare lotion is an alcoholic solution to control and relieve the symptoms of mild to moderate acne in cases where rapid and significant action is required. Application twice a day.


Rosacure line

Rosacure line of medical devices reduces the feeling of discomfort and redness of the skin and nourishes and increases skin hydration.

Rosacure Fast emulsion, 30ml

Rosacure Fast gel emulsion has a calming effect. It is specially formulated to have a beneficial, refreshing and hydrating effect on the skin. Application twice a day.


Rosacure Intensive cream SPF 30, 30 ml

Rosacure Intensive cream SPF 30 contains UVA and UVB filters for protection against harmful sun rays. Used for daily sun protection. Application twice a day.


Rosacure Ultra cream SPF 50, 30ml

Rosacure Ultra SPF 50 is an innovative cream for high sun protection with the addition of magnolol, which has an antiangiogenic, antibacterial and powerful antioxidant effect. Application twice a day.


Synchrovit C serum, 6 x 5ml

Synchrovit C liposomal serum contains pure vitamin C, zinc and superoxide dismutase, which act synergistically and therefore penetrate better into the deeper layers of the skin. The serum rapidly reduces the visibility of wrinkles and expression lines, tightens the skin and reduces hyperpigmentation, and slows down skin aging caused by excessive sun exposure. Improves skin complexion and texture.


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